The Art Of Mexcalia

Mezcal was initially produced from the distillation of the agave fruit over 400 years ago in Mexico, more precisely in the province of Oaxaca, also known as home of the Mezcal. Since then, Mezcal quickly became a traditional toast of choice for celebrations such as weddings, baptisms and fiestas, but also during small intimate family gatherings. 

The complexity and rich smoky flavor of the spirit are the result of a meticulous and time demanding production process involving farmers and distillation experts.

The production of each bottle of Mexcalia starts by harvesting the agave espadin fruit which can take between 7 to 9 years to ripe. This process is completed by our farmers also known as Jimadors. The heart of the fruit, the piñas, are extracted, roasted in underground wood-fired pits creating the smoky flavor and scent of the spirit. The cooked agave hearts are then crushed and mixed with water allowing them to ferment. Our distillation experts proceed with the distillation process to obtain the mezcal joven which is then diluted at our bottling facilities to a strength of 40% creating a spirit with a smooth and rich body.   

The craft and artisanal production method leave us with no choice but to pick a bottle that is aligned with the characteristics of the spirit. Our bottle was designed to reflect the complexity of the spirit and the Mexican tradition related to the history of Mezcal.